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Where is Jesus?

Where is Jesus today?

Where Jesus is
Who is Jesus?


If Jesus came back today, what would he look like?  What kind of person would he be?  Would he be a carpenter?  A politician?  A musician?

Jesus said he is coming back.  He never said when the hour would be.  He never said where he would be coming back.  He also never said how many times he would be coming back…

In the short story series of modern parables Jesus Josephovich: The Revolution, Jesus comes back for a visit to the ex-USSR to show people how to live a truly spiritual life in modern times.

By seeing what kind of person Jesus could be today, we learn how we can live our lives in a completely new way.  A way that is free, powerful, and truly loving.  A way that only God can live.

To find out who Jesus is, go here to meet the modern incarnation of the Son of God, Jesus Josephovich himself.

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