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Иисус Иосифович: Jesus Josephovich

In the Russian and Ukrainian naming tradition, children are given a patronymic instead of a middle name. 

The patronymic is made by adding an ending ( -ovich for boys) to their father’s first name.

The patronymic of a man named Jesus whose father’s name is Joseph would be: “Jesus Joseph-ovich”.

The name in Russian is pronounced: I-sus Yo-sef-o-vich

The easy way to pronounce it in English is to simply say, “Je-sus Jo-se-vich”          (the “ph” and “v” sounds run together and the “o” sound is too fast to hear.)

To pronounce it more closely to the Russian version in English, you must change the syllable where the emphasis is placed.  

This would sound like: “Je-sus Jo-seph-o-vich”.  

* The underline indicates the emphasized syllable.